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1 week online course $150 (CAD)

( ~$106 USD ) 

 8 ish hours of content

Online (live + recorded) kayaking & yoga & movement & breathing classes for kayakers who want to get better at kayaking / feeling strong and healthy. (live classes will be recorded and uploaded in case you can't attend live.) Live classes start May 24, 2020

The $150 ($Canadian$) Course includes ~8hours of instruction and discussion: 

Focus on the basics

2 live Zoom kayaking classes: forward stroke tutorial with discussion and Q+A.  Reading whitewater and keeping calm: stories, methods, and techniques to help you understand the way water moves and how to use that to your advantage when you approach your edge.

Breath Work
How and Why

Breathing technique tailored to our kayaker brains lead live by certified Wim Hof instructor, Yoga teacher and breath coach Dan De Luis (@dan_deluis

Foundation Training
How to train smarter

Foundation Training tailored to our kayaker bodies lead live by Dr. Matt Weist @dr.matt_tcom

Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes: Two custom recipes to fuel your training and recovery, designed to make you... less hungry: The Stakeout Sunrise & The Steakout Burger. 

Build a Body that lasts

3 Yoga classes that focus on the areas of the body that speak to me as a kayaker lead by myself (Benny) live on Zoom.  Certified Yoga Instructor.

Body Weight Training
Get Stronger

Weight training tailored for our kayaker bodies – lead live by beast-mode instructor Ilan Cumberbirch @ilancumberbirch

Video Tutorials
Focus on improvement

Video tutorials: eddies, getting through big features, and how to kickflip.

Group Q & A
Learning together

More: Private Instagram for Q & A, connect after classes on zoom, opening night mingler. All live classes and content will be recorded and available if you missed it (except Foundation training).

Private Coaching

Extra Credit - Private online coaching + $150 (CAD) / hour focused on what you want. A deeper dive into your specific needs. Video review or another class, more yoga? Big wave freestyle? Can't help with hole tricks sorry. Packing for expeditions? Beers and Story time? Glass of wine by the virtual fire? Harry Potter marathon? Help me to help you to help me...

P.S. In person kayak instruction is incredibly valuable and not something being replaced here.  You should always look for ways to further your whitewater education and fuel your progression.  My retreats, Aniol and Gerd's program, and Evan's courses will continue.  Kayak Schools will come back swinging. I do recommend checking out your local options.  Finding a good whitewater instructor is a sure way to gain more experience safely and continue learning. 


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