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Big hello from White Salmon, WA. I am about to head to the airport and, fingers crossed, have smooth travels heading south to the Rio Futaleufu.

I had an idea to create another online course without any live programming because I was over Zoom calls. I really wanted to reach out to some of the talented instructors I have worked with to see if they would be keen to help and I have compiled a playlist of videos on my youtube called: Winter Strong.

Breathwork, Yoga, Bodyweight Exercise, and Core to keep the body and mind sharp over the winter. The playlist lives on my youtube and there is a link below.

I have a few other instructors I really want to work with and, it felt like a good idea to just put these out on the tube and hope for feedback on the videos. I invested some money into hiring the coaches so, if a particular video really works for you I have put a Donate button here. No pressure.

To the river!

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2 time Rider of the Year

Whitewater Grand Prix Medalist

Bested Dane Jackson more than once

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