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First, a massive thank-you to everyone who bought my 2020 calendar. I loved that project and I hope it encouraged you to more days on the river.

2021 calendars are now available for order, prices include taxes & shipping- #business. This year, due to covid I won't be personally sending love notes, drawing weenies, or scribing birthday notes :(


Look forward to 12 months of shots from the: "🎵 rivers and the lakes that you're used to" - TLC - and waves I paddled in 2019-20 with the same prompts to scratch in your days and sessions out, and... no nudes!

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Rest of world

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*some exceptions possible



5 day online course $150 (CAD)

( ~$115 USD ) 

 8 ish hours of live and pre-recorded content

Online (live + recorded) kayaking & yoga & breathing classes for kayakers who want to get better at kayaking. 100% guarantee of becoming the best or second to best shredder in your friend group, definitely trending in that direction.

The "web-guy" said that I had to put the next course up here now so... Things will develop, but the general idea is a freestyle course with more pre-recorded kayaking content than the last 2 courses to demonstrate skills and drills.  All part of my own progression through teaching online.

My next online course is sometime in August 2021

and will be an all things freestyle course.

"My objective here is to assist people in approaching whitewater with confidence by focusing on basic skillsets and easy to overlook physiological details that will lead to stronger decision making and a lifetime of great days on the water. I have chosen to focus on specific techniques that kayakers may have stopped paying attention to as they progress.  I train these techniques to stay fit mentally and physically and I call on the basics when paddling to stay on-the-line, no matter what difficulty of whitewater I am in."

The $150 ($Canadian$) Course will include ~8 hours of instruction and discussion: 

Focus on the basics

Developing basic skills will ultimately help you progress safely into becoming a stronger kayaker and freestyler. I take a long term approach with my own training and the 4 live kayaking classes in this course are going to reflect that with detailed explanations, techniques, and drills for improved boat control and awareness. Surfing, setting up and timing tricks, kickflips, and playful river running.



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Build a Body that lasts

3 Yoga classes that focus on the areas of the body that speak to me as a kayaker feeling the demands of high-intensity surfing. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor but I am very much still scratching at the surface of multiple yoga practices and systems, learning what works best for my body. My approach to teaching yoga is simple and straightforward. We will do a different set of postures for each class that I will explain before we start.

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Breath Work
How and Why

Breathing techniques - To start and/or finish our sessions, I will share breathing practices I use to: stay calm, get focused, control myself, build confidence.

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Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes: Two custom recipes to fuel your training and recovery, designed to make you less hungry. These will be added into my past recipes in one PDF.

Core Training
Get Stronger

Now that I am teaching kayaking I am starting to notice... a lot. The struggle to keep the boat flat, losing control of the edge while crossing eddy lines, frustration. Along with more attention to the details of technique, body, and breath awareness, a strong reliable core will help a kayaker's confidence and progression.  I'm sprinkling in core exercises throughout the yoga and kayaking classes.

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My approach to progression is: 

-identify the best tools for the job and sharpen them

-high volumes of repetition

-reduce distraction

-increase recovery

-train the body with the intention of increasing endurance

-understand my skills

-understand the skills of others

-be realistic

What works for me will work for you.  Everything I do is intended to keep me safe, stable, and stoked when I approach my physical and mental thresholds.

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Private Coaching
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 Private online coaching + $150 (CAD) / hour focused on what you want more of. We can tackle a specific goal together, or we could tackle a 6 pack and talk some shit. Want some behind the scenes? I've got that.  We can watch Congo and I'll fill you in on the best stories from the trip!

P.S. In-person kayak instruction is incredibly valuable and not something being replaced here.  You should always look for ways to further your whitewater education locally. My retreats, the Serrasolses Bro's camps, and Evan Garcia's Whitewater Masters courses will continue.  I highly recommend checking out your local group and private options.  Finding a good whitewater kayaking instructor is a sure way to gain more experience safely and continue learning. 


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2 time Rider of the Year

Whitewater Grand Prix Medalist

Bested Dane Jackson more than once

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